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40% OFF

We are offering 40% off all our items on Etsy now through Valentines Day! Enter THEGIFTITSELF40 in the coupon code bar at the time of checkout to receive your discount. Follow the link below:

This just in!

This pendant was just finished today, put out in the case and listed on our Etsy page. You can find it and many other new items via our "shop" tab and any piece you click on will guide you to our Etsy store or follow the link below.

Sterling silver and natural round Garnet. 


Did you know that Pearls are the only jewel that is created by a living animal?? There are several types of pearls available on todays market ranging from rare, perfectly round Sea Pearls to the more common Freshwater Pearls. Here at the shop we have a selection of various freshwater pearl jewelry pieces in different shapes, sizes and colors that are great for any occasion. We can also repair your pearl jewerly right here in the shop!


Top drilled, dyed freshwater pearl necklace.

This piece was done using freshwater pearls of various shapes and colors. It is long enough to wear as a necklace or wrapped around your wrist three times.

Star pearl bracelet with czech glass beads and brass.

Sterling silver earrings with cream colored coin pearls.

Closing Early Due to Ice

We're closing up early today due to the icy weather. Drive safely everyone and enjoy the snow day. 

New work keeps going up on Etsy

You may have noticed our shop tab (page) on our website links you to our Etsy page. New items are conintuing to be added since the holidays. Any quesitons, let us know! When you're there, click the "favorite" heart shaped button, we'd appreciate it :)