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Custom Designed Rings in Silver

This pair of rings were hand made in house from sterling silver. They were carved in wax and we use those wax carvings as our one time use mold. We place that wax carving into a plaster investment, get it nice and hot, melting away that wax, leaving a void for the silver. Once your silver is melted, it is injected into that void and you have silver rings. After a little clean up and stone setting you then have two unique, one of a kind, custom designed bands. These are accented with faceted amethyst and citrine gemstones. 

What's new at The Gift

The Gift Itself has a new web site! Welcome! We are pleased to share this new and exciting event with Everyone :) Please note that we will have a shop opening soon. If there are any questions feel free to call (920) 433-9171 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  This is where you will all have the opportunity to see some of the new items we will be offereing here in house. Many of the new art pieces by our artists will be introduced right here and so much more! Thank you all for visiting!