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Beautiful day in September isn't it? Check out all the new work on our Etsy page. Feel free to message us with any questions or requests about the pieces you see here. We will happily work with you to create just the right piece of jewelry or piece of art for you!

Hours Reduced

It's here! September. I have to admit, one of my personal favorite months as I have a birthday right smack dab in the middle of it. This month also means reduced hours on Farmers Market on Broadway night. With the change of seasons comes the changing of sun light hours. With that, the market goes until 7:00 pm now instead of the usual 8:00. If you made it to the market, you saw how dark it started getting. Keet it in mind this week when you make it down the all that delicious produce!

Closed for Labor Day

Hello, everyone!

The Gift Itself will be closed this coming Monday, September 1, in observance of Labor Day! We hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend!

There's fun jewelry on Etsy!

This is one of my personal new favorite pieces of jewelry we have here at The Gift Itself. It's classy, sofisticated and above all it's sparkly! We love making fun jewelry that just makes you happy and this is one of those pieces.


Here is a link to our Etsy page for this particular piece of jewelry. There are a number of other pieces there too. Check it out and we hope you enjoy!

Two ill jewelers

We are sorry for any inconvenience, but the two of us ladies here at shop are home sick.